Book 2 Teaser!

“Life begins and ends with the current.

They say our lives are planned out and mapped like the constellations, and that we follow a line between the points of light that make up our many lives. They say my destiny is laid out in a strict orbit of action and reaction, and I am helpless to fight it. They tell me to pray to the night, to sing the songs of the stars to light my path, and let the Red Dragon guide my way.

They say this with ease, as if it will make me feel any better about picking up a bloody sword. As if it will make me feel any better about witnessing my own death. 

It’s all a pile of bullshit. Destiny is a crutch for the helpless. Stars are not gods. Their light does not shine on my path. They are just brilliant and uncaring explosions alone in space, light years from Tahldia. The stars do not give a fuck what I do. And I, for one, have never believed in Fate.”

—Annie Armstrong, from the second volume of Heart of the Current