I would love to hear from you! Do you have fan art for me? Crazy shipping ideas? Methods for killing demons? Please, I want to hear it all!

This is the perfect place to leave me questions, thoughts, and concerns about the books. By sending me a message, you give me leave to post it to the blog if I think the question is asked often, or if I think it might add to a greater discussion. (Don't worry, I won't publish your email.) Please make sure you spell your contact info correctly, so that I might get back to you when time permits. 

If you would like to reach me the old-fashioned way:

(Crispin Young or Ms. Young work just fine)
PO Box 1828
Hood River, OR 97031

I cannot promise that I will be able to reply in kind with an old-fashioned letter. My handwriting is notoriously atrocious, and it would take a room full of wizards to decipher my scribbling.

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