Crispin grew up on a steady diet of video games, comic books, cartoons, and watching Star Trek with her dad. A writer at heart, she pursued degrees in Journalism and Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon. While she has a deep love of science writing with a focus on biodiversity issues, Crispin never lost her infatuation with the basic fantasy tropes of her childhood.

Heart of the Current began as an idea on a camping trip nearly ten years ago, but Crispin dismissed it as too nerdy and silly. Eight years passed before she had the guts to write it all down. Her novel is available on Amazon and local bookstores (just ask them to order it). She is hard at work on the rest of the trilogy.

Crispin currently resides in The Shire, and works as a computer healer and cat herder. When she's not writing, she can be found hiking, skiing, or camping.




What's your writing style like?

I'm a chunk writer. I find that I can easily spend all day and all night working. I'm a night owl, and the best writing happens between midnight and sunrise, when it's just me, my laptop, and my porch chair, surrounded by the symphony of frogs and crickets, or the heavy drumming of winter rain.

I have steady outlines, but I allow deviation once the writing flows, because as any author knows, our characters often get minds of their own. I allow some freedom with the choices and dialogue that my characters want to have.

That said, I'm a solid outliner, I know how everything will tie together, and I have several books itching to be written out.


Where's book 2?

Hiding behind my social obligations and 8-5 job; however, the first draft of book 2 is nearly complete. Book 3 is fully outlined, and a few scenes are written. Don't worry, I want it finished and published as much as you do! This is a story from my heart, and I want to share it as soon as I am able.


How many books do you have planned?

I have a trilogy lined up. After those three books are done, there will be several more stories based on the characters that survive the first three novels. *insert GRRM wink here*


What kind of software do you use?

Scrivener. Oh gods, Scrivener is the best thing ever.


You're obviously influenced by video games. What kind?

Well, I started with Oregon Trail and Sierra games, like good ol' Hero's Quest. Then moved on to Zelda. When I was in middle school, I got completely hooked on Final Fantasy IV and VI, and I still like to go back and play those classics on occasion. In college, it was A LOT of World of Warcraft. I played horde - mostly hunters, shockadins, and assholes. I raided heavily in Vanilla, PvP'd in BC and Wrath, and eventually realized that if I ever wanted to write the books stewing in my brain, I'd have to layoff the MMORPGs. (Yes, I still go through withdrawals.)

I'm a casual console gamer when I find rare snippets of time. I have a WiiU, 3DS, and PS4. Recent games include Assassins Creed 4, Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and of course, Mario Kart. There's also a lot of old school games like Mega Man II on my 3DS.

As for future games… I go to PAX Prime every year, and find a lot of enjoyment in indie games. I'm very excited for the game Dragon Fin Soup to come out.


Where do you find inspiration?


One of the biggest gold mines for my creative process is a solid hike with symphonic/trailer music. Nobuo Uematsu, Two Steps From Hell, and Audiomachine are some of my favorites.


Biodiversity Issues? What's that all about?

Biodiversity basically looks at the great variation of life on our planet, and how species interact. Take one creature out of the food web, and how does that affect everything else? It's one of the most fascinating topics out there for me. It can also be rather depressing, considering the changes our planet is undergoing.

Be careful though, I will likely talk your ear off about wolf reintroduction and the effect on ecosystems. *spoiler alert - wolves are not only badass, they're important*


What's your favorite type of whiskey?

I'm actually a huge tea drinker, and love Lupicia's different flavors. Alcohol tends to bog my brain down, and I'm always going a million miles an hour. If I have the rare drink, I go for Scotch, specifically Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban.


Pirates or ninjas?

Everyone wins when pirates and ninjas fight.