I've kept a variety of blogs along the way, and here you can find more than you ever wanted to know about me or my characters. I try to keep separate blogs, so that you only have to subscribe to the Book Blog if you want to know the progress of my storytelling journey.

There's also a personal blog, if you're fascinated with rants on gaming, feminism, concerts, movies, TV shows, cartoons, hikes, or my quest to find the ultimate burrito.

Lastly, if you're that bored, there's an old set of blog posts from another space and time, from a domain far, far away.

Book blog

Personal blog 

Inspiration Blog (Tumblr)

It's like a Pinterest page, but without all the fluff of Pinterest or the accidental chance you fall into a wedding planning album… This blog is a collection of music, art, swords, and various bits of fashion and landscapes that inspire my writing. You can find references to characters, armor, and places.



I am not nearly as active on Goodreads as I should be. This is a lovely site for bookworms, not to mention a place where you can see what I've read, and what I am currently reading.

Book Blog

Progress reports on novels, publishing, and fictional character feelings.

Personal blog

Be warned: opinions, nerdery, and general jackassery. I treat this part of the internet with the delicate subtlety of a vuvuzela.