Why two blogs?

Why would I do such a thing? Well, I tend to be a prolific writer, and this area will be home to the more inane adventures. . . Hikes, video games, books I'm currently reading, and thoughts on subjects near and dear to me that will certainly have political leanings. Perhaps you're here to see my mind in rough-draft form, because this area will with rife with typos, fragment sentences, and fan-girling. If you're here just for my book, don't feel obligated to pay any attention to my rants.

Twin Tunnels Hike

About once a year I try to take a long hike through the Gorge and admire the changing leaves, and the stark contrast of parched golden grass and deep cobalt of the river. My day hikes used to be up steep cliffs and through rugged terrain, but as I get older, and my knee angrily reminds me of poor decisions made as a snowboarder, I tend to take long but gentle walks.