Progress report

Welcome to the location of my new blog!

I thought I would use this as an opportunity to lay out the progress on my writing and where the books are at:

The first draft of book 2 is 90% complete. At this point, I will focus on a short story for a month, which will give my brain a small break, and when I do a complete read-through, I'll cut 10%. Only after this 10% cut will I hand off the book to a few lucky beta readers.

Even with that cut, a lot happens. There is a good chance that Book 2 will be split into two novels. Time will tell.

Book 3 is fully outlined. And by outlined, I have everything in working order, and about 20,000 words. Scene details, plot tie-ins, all that fun stuff. 

I am also working on a few short stories.

So there it is, the overall update. A lot of people have been asking for book 2. . . Fortunately, no one has accused me of being a slacker, and for that, I am grateful. I have not been spending my days lounging about in a chair, sipping fancy drinks, smoking a fancy pipe (although that does sound fabulous).

The reality is I have a full time job, and plenty to worry about in the IRL sphere. Most of the writing comes at the expense of sleep and social obligations. And my fans have been kind, supportive, and patient. You guys are the best!